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These are roads that will be closed for the 2018 USA Triathlon

These are roads that will be closed for the 2018 USA Triathlon
Posted at 3:25 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 15:25:35-04

In just one day, the country's most competitive athletes give it their all in Cleveland for the USA Triathlon National Championships.

While the athletes are getting their doses of adrenaline rushes, those looking to get around will have to navigate a number of road closures. The Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championship will take place on Saturday, Aug. 11. The Sprint National Championship will be on Sunday, Aug. 12.

Those who compete in both races have the chance to land spots on Team USA in 2019.


Effective: 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Closed: Eastbound Shoreway—Lake/Clifton and West Boulevard to Muni Lot

Detour: Traffic heading East will be detoured to Detroit Avenue at Clifton/Lake

Closed: Westbound Shoreway— Dead Man's Curve to Lake/Clifton and West Boulevard

Detour: Traffic  heading West will be detoured to I-90 west at Dead Man's Curve

Closed: I-90 exit ramp at E. 55th Street

Detour: Eastbound traffic will be detoured to E. 72nd Street exit from I-90 east.

Closed: E. 55th Street from I-90 east entrance ramp to St. St. Clair Avenue

Detour: Traffic will be detoured to I-90 to E. 72nd Street exit

Closed: St. Clair Avenue from E. 40th Street to E. 55th Street

Detour: E. 55th Street to E. 40th Street 

Closed: E. 40th Street from St. Clair Avenue to Chester Avenue

Detour: All traffic traveling on Superior Avenue will be directed to cross the bike course at E. 40th Street.

Closed: Chester Avenue westbound from E. 40th Street to E. 105th Street

Detour: Traffic on E. 55th Street will be able to cross Chester Avenue

E. 105th Street from Chester Avenue to MLK Boulevard

Detour: Traffic will be detoured to MLK Boulevard and East Boulevard

Closed: MLK Blvd – E. 105th – East Blvd

Detour: E. 105th Street to East Boulevard

Sunday, Aug. 12

Closed: Eastbound Shoreway – Lake/Clifton & West Blvd to Muni Lot

Detour: Traffic heading East will be detoured at Detroit Avenue. Traffic heading downtown from the west are encouraged to use I-90.

Closed: Westbound Shoreway – Dead Man’s Curve to Lake/Clifton & West Blvd.

Detour: Eastbound/Westbound Shoreway

Closed: South Marginal – Muni Lot to E. 55th St.

For more details about the closures and ways to navigate downtown and the surrounding areas, find this map here.