FORECAST: Breezy north winds coming out of Canada keeping us chilly

Posted at 5:48 AM, Mar 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-08 22:17:00-05

CLEVELAND — Quiet weather is expected overnight as scattered clouds move in from the west. Its going to be cold with lows between 25 and 30 degrees.

Thursday looks dry as well with lots of high cloudiness filtering the sunshine. Highs will top out between 40 and 45 degrees.

A Winter Storm will take aim at Ohio for Friday. Latest computer guidance suggests the main precipitation type will be snow for counties closest to the Lake Erie shore with perhaps enough to shovel by late Friday night and early Saturday. Farther south, some rain could mix in and lower snow totals quite a bit. Details are still to be determined. But, for a change, Winter will visit us as early as Friday!

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What To Expect:

  • Staying cold tonight
  • Staying dry thru Thursday
  • March feeling like Jan/Feb
  • Watching for snow Friday/early Saturday

Daily Breakdown:

Wednesday Night: Chill sets in.| Low: 29º

Thursday: Below average.| High: 40º

Friday: Scattered snow. Rain could mix in at times. 1-4 inches of snow possible.| High: 36º

Saturday: AM Snow showers possible.| High: 32º

Sunday: Scattered late afternoon snow. Chilly.| High: 38º

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