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Trent Magill


Trent Magill

Education: University of Missouri, B.S. in Atmospheric Science, Math minor (Yea, I’m one of the REAL TV Meteorologists)

Current Position/Job Duties: GMC Meteorologist

Previous Work Experience: KMIZ, KMID, WEWS, WATE and now BACK to WEWS

Joined News 5: Twice! Once in 2011 and again in 2019 (we all make mistakes, right?!?)


Twitter/Facebook/IG/TikTok: @TrentMWeather

Most Memorable Stories: Believe it or not... Massive storms during my high school graduation and a tornado warning actually interrupted the ceremony. We all had to pile into the locker rooms underneath the gymnasium... It was a small school!

Awards/Honors: NWA, AMS CBM Seals of approval, Emmy winner (best weekend newscast)

News Philosophy: Be real. Be approachable. Be YOURSELF!

Role Model: Mark Johnson

Favorite Sports Teams: Cleveland... All of ‘em!

Favorite Movie: Ironman... No, it’s not Twister. (That movie is ridiculously un-scientific LOL)

Favorite Book: James and the Giant Peach

Favorite Food: Whatever I’m currently eating... Probably something incredibly unhealthy! (Cheesecake is always great!)

Family: Married to the incredibly patient 😉 Jessica with our son Miles

Pet: My long-time
best friend Brick. He’s a ridiculously old American Bulldog

Hobbies & Interests: Anything outside! MTB, Canoe/Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, Motorcycles... you name it! If it’s fun, I’m in!

Hidden Talent: I can (or could) walk on my hands

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