Pattern Change: A weekend warm-up on the way

Posted at 9:54 PM, Jan 26, 2016

Remember December? That normally cold month that finished a sultry 12 degrees ABOVE average across Northern Ohio? There was a reason for that.

The jet stream, those winds aloft at 18,000 feet that guide all surface storm systems, was stuck across the Southern Plains north to the Western Great Lakes. That put us on the warm side of all storms for the month. Southerly breezes kept our temperatures in the 50s and 60s for much of the month.

Well, that pattern will make a return this weekend into next week. Here's the weather map for Tuesday Feb. 2.

Notice the jetstream (red arrows) positioned from the Southern Plains moving toward the Western Great Lakes. It will steer a strong surface low pressure northeast toward Chicago. This puts the cold air and the heavy snow west of the low pressure the Dakotas. Meanwhile, warm air surges north into the Ohio Valley and Northern Ohio. Temperatures will warm up on a strong southerly breeze by Tuesday.

Temperatures on Tuesday (above) will likely reach into the 50s during the day. That's after weekend temperatures rise into the middle and upper 40s.

But, unlike December, I don't expect this trend to last the whole month. February should trend much colder, especially by mid-month! Enjoy the weather!