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Birds taking flight at sunrise make an appearance on the Power of 5 radar

Posted at 7:17 AM, Jul 24, 2019

CLEVELAND — On a typical day in the Power of 5 Weather Center, you'll find our meteorologists analyzing radar. Tracking rain, finding the biggest impact and relaying the info to you, the viewer. The goal is to get you from point A to B without any weather surprises. On Wednesday morning, Power of 5 Meteorologist Trent Magill was tracking something else on the radar, though. Birds. That's right... flying animals.

The radar beam will bounce off objects in the air and send those readings back to our computers. An untrained meteorologist may misinterpret those readings as rain. We can assure you, while there was rain in a few areas this morning, there were also roost rings. Birds taking flight at sunrise popping up on our radar.

Check out the clip from Good Morning Cleveland in the media player above.

You can also check out a longer version Trent put on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.