July 2016 marred by hot, dry weather

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 29, 2016

July 2016 will go into the record books as hot and dry across Northern Ohio.

Despite a fury of thunderstorms around the area during the last weekend of the month, July 2016 will be remembered as hot and dry.

During the month, all of Northern Ohio fell into Moderate Drought conditions. Major reporting stations across the viewing area generally saw less than 1/2 the average rainfall for the month.

For the month, Cleveland saw rainfall average about 1.75" BELOW average. Akron & Canton will end the month about 2" below average. Mansfield will finish July with a rainfall deficit of 2.4."

As for temperatures, Cleveland's average July temperature is a little under 77 degrees. That's 3 degrees ABOVE average. Cleveland also saw 10 days where temperatures hit 90 degrees or higher, including 5 days in a row from the 21st thru the 25th.

July 2016 temperatures in Akron & Canton finished a full 3 degrees above the 30-year average, or just over 75 degrees. Those 2 cities also measured 90 degree days 9 times during the month.

The average temperature for Mansfield was 75 degrees or 3 degrees above the average for July. On 7 days this month, temperatures touched 90 degrees or higher.