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PHOTOS: Bald eagle majestically photobombs waterspout spotted over Lake Erie

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Posted at 11:25 AM, Aug 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-05 14:02:44-04

CLEVELAND — Over the last few days, waterspouts have been a common occurrence. Forecasting for waterspouts is a challenge. They can form under rotating thunderstorms, called supercells, or during fair weather. You'll see those underneath dark clouds over the lake.

Jeffrey Paul with Through Jeff's Eye Photography took several photos of a water spout Wednesday morning from Sheffield Lake. Among them was a once-in-a-lifetime shot of a bald eagle soaring in front of the water spout.

A bald eagle captured flying in front of a water spout over Lake Erie Wednesday morning. Taken from Sheffield Lake.

Check out more of the photos below.

A resident captured a water spout near Sheffield Lake on Wednesday morning.

Another viewer spotted waterspouts near Euclid at around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A waterspout is technically a tornado. If they meander their way onshore, the National Weather Service will issue tornado warnings. It's very rare but possible for them to move inland.

A resident captured a water spout near Sheffield Lake on Wednesday morning.

Typically, fair-weather waterspouts dissipate rapidly when they make landfall, and rarely penetrate far inland.

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