Dry & Warmer Weather for the rest of April

Posted at 11:14 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 18:51:21-04

Warmer weather is poised to arrive in Northern Ohio this week, and hang around for a while.

A few weeks back I told you that Winter would have one last big sting in early April. And then, I said, by the middle of the month, Spring would finally stick and stay.

Well, the latest computer model guidance supports that thought.

Along with the warm-up on Thursday, a string of dry weather is also setting up across Ohio this week and next.

It's called an Omega Block. That's when high pressure at 18,000 feet (500mb) stalls as two low pressures also stall, or "cut-off" on both sides. Notice how the pattern resembles the Greek letter Omega on the map below.

These Omega Blocks can last for days and sometimes weeks as surface weather features are prevented from moving east across the United States. Where the low pressures sit at the surface, the weather is often colder and wetter than normal. But where the high pressure stalls, the weather underneath is usually sunny and mild. The good news here: That high pressure will stall right over Ohio. And that sunny and mild weather belongs to us through the weekend and beyond!

The GFS Ensemble Guidance shows 60 and 70 degree weather arriving this week across Northern Ohio and hanging on through at least the end of the month! Here's Cleveland below:

Now, look at Akron & Canton below:

Time to break out the patio furniture!!!