Sunburns increase this time of year, even if it's cool outside

As we move more into the month of May, your chances of getting a blistering sunburn go up. Even on days where the temperatures are stuck in the 60s and 70s, you can still find yourself turning as red as a lobster.

Check out the 7-day forecast here.

During the next month, the sun is moving into its highest angle of the season for our area. What this means is the sun's rays are more direct and more intense.

When we have a day filled with sunshine, it's important to keep your exposed skin covered. If nothing else, applying sunscreen is a must if you plan to be outside for more than 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, you'll find yourself with a throbbing sunburn...even if it doesn't feel all that "warm" outside.

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Checking the UV index for the day is a good way to figure out how strong the sun will be. Don't focus on the temperature to determine the strength of the sun. The UV Index ranges from 0 to 11, with the higher number indicating a higher risk of a sunburn.

The sun's rays will continue to remain strong through the end of July, so be cautious on any sunny day in Ohio over the next few months. Any day with a mostly sunny sky will likely feature an UV rating of 8 or better.

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