Some businesses hurting from warm weather

Posted at 8:21 PM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 20:21:56-05

Clear skies and not an inch of snow on the ground has been a nice change of pace for most of us, but not everyone is jumping for joy.

Tons of salt and dozens of snow plows....sitting idle..that’s been the sight at Tony Augustine’s Landscaping business all season so far.

"We're waiting to go out, we're waiting to plow snow.”

Given last year's frosty temperatures, Augustine bought 40,000 pounds of salt in preparation for this winter, but has barely used any and has snow plows for sale that are now collecting dust.

"It's like a gamble, like your going to gamble downtown, it's the same thing like that. It's the weather you can't predict it, so you just always have to try to be one step ahead I guess,” he said.

Snow plowing makes up nearly half of his landscape business, so the lack of income could be significant. But Tony is trying his best to stay optimistic.

"I'm doing pretty good so far. I'm not really nervous, because what's left over I can sell next year you know, I can just watch my inventory levels and see what's going on with that."

Augustine also mentioned that most of his clients are on an annual contract, so while he's waiting to hear back from some of them, he's not without business completely.