Weather With Webb | October 1, 2015

Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 01, 2015
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September 2015 will be remembered most for the spotting of funnel clouds, a few days in the 90s and a night to remember when the Supermoon graced the skies of northeast Ohio.

Overall the month wasn't anything for the record books, but we did see 90 degrees a few times.  On the third and seventh of the month Cleveland hit a well above normal 90 along with Akron feeling that heat twice in the month as well.  Temperature wise this September was the sixth warmest on record for Cleveland (Hopkins).  We had nine days in the 80s, 14 days in the 70s, and as we left summer behind with 5 days in the cool 60s.

Also throughout the month many people caught the sight of funnel clouds that formed over Lake Erie.  With the help of the Power of 5 Doppler Network and our viewers on September 11th, we spotted funnel clouds that moved on-shore and went through Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Lake counties. Funnel clouds are typical for September as cold air moved over a warm lake.  Throughout that same weekend many saw funnel clouds across Bay Village, Lakewood and Rocky River.

Lastly, some got the chance to witness a rare beauty of a total lunar eclipse. Many locations saw clouds which covered up the spectacular sight but we received photos that caught a break in the clouds and were able to capture the rare blood moon. Our Power of 5 weather team wants to thank everyone for the wonderful pictures. We tried our very best to get them all on air. It will be another 18 years before we'll get to witness another breathtaking event.

All in all, the end of summer wasn't so bad across northeast Ohio.  Now we look to October with fall foliage, frost, and lots more footballl in our near future! Enjoy!

September numbers:


4.91" of rain above normal by 1.10"

Monthly Temperature Average: 68.8°

Lowest Temperature: 48°

10 days clear skies, 15 day partly cloudy, 5 days cloudy.



91° on September 7th and 8th

Monthly Temperature Average: 69.3°

Low: 47° on September 21, 2015

3.75" of rain above normal by 0.30"

12 clear skies, 13 partly cloudy, 5 cloudy


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