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Woman builds a business by renting out her handy husband

Woman builds a business by renting out her handy husband
Posted at 9:30 AM, Feb 14, 2023

It’s one thing to have a husband or partner who is handy around the house. But, when Laura Young posted on Facebook about her husband James having some availability to help with odd jobs around the neighborhood, she had no idea she’d be building a new business for her family.

Laura knew James had what it takes to get projects done. According to their website, he has built everything from beds to pantries and even an outdoor kitchen. So, why not make a little extra money from his talents?

“I never expected it to take off as much as it has,” the enterprising wife told The Mirror UK.

Now, Rent My Handy Husband is a thriving business in Milton Keynes, England, and the requests keep coming in.

Here’s an image of the enterprising couple posted to their Facebook page:

James will work on anything, according to his wife. In fact, the primary reason behind Rent My Handy Husband was to help people tackle those jobs that always seem to get put aside. As Laura explained on their website, “sometimes it’s quicker and easier to get someone in to do a job we’ve been waiting on our husbands to do for what feels like a lifetime.” 

As the days booked turned into weeks and then months, James was able to dedicate more time to his booming business and his family. He originally worked in a warehouse, but the family’s three children require additional care. Two have autism (as James does) and one needs speech therapy.

“It allows us to book jobs and estimates around appointments, school runs, without having to clear it with an employer first, risking them saying ‘no’ or being guilt-tripped, and feeling you’re letting a team down,” Laura told Upworthy.

A recent favorite project of theirs was a glow-in-the-dark room for some lucky young person, which the business shared on Facebook:

The Youngs are now booking for spring and summer 2023. In this recent Facebook post, they say they are expecting to need about six weeks’ notice for jobs based on last year’s numbers.

To see more of James’ creative work, check out the couple’s website, Facebook page and Instagram profile. You might just get inspired for building something new for your home!

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