Women were served wellness with a champion

Posted at 10:16 AM, Aug 25, 2017

Women are responsible for so much and so many … loved ones, home and career. It’s easy for a woman to care about everyone else’s wellness but her own.

It’s important to find support and ways to manage overall wellness while managing others.

Western & Southern promoted this message to women by treating contest winners to a day of physical and financial wellness on Aug. 14 at the Western & Southern Open.  Women were encouraged to enter the Western & Southern Open Women’s VIP Event Contest here on in July.

The day started with a rooftop yoga session at the Lindner Family Tennis Center to relax and strengthen the group.

“Today’s yoga session was a great way to start the Western & Southern tennis event,” Terrin Williams said. “The instructor made it for anyone at all different levels of fitness. I got a really good stretch and I am relaxed to start the day.”

“It was a great way to treat myself and start loosening up and have a beautiful day and to be relaxed and focus,” Pam Rogers said. “I approach physical fitness as an integral part of my life. As I grow older, I have to stay loose, and that is especially why I practice yoga. It loosens up my muscles so that I can maintain my balance and avoid injuries.”

Next, the women received financial wellness advice from Kate Brown, vice president, senior wealth planner at Fort Washington Investment Advisors, the primary investment arm of Western & Southern Financial Group. Brown encouraged women to remember to pay themselves first, and that it’s never too late to start saving for retirement.

“I thought the presentation was beneficial,” Christine Donofrio said. “I have recently been looking at investing and she made it clear cut what I need to do as a single female. I think she reached a very big audience because there are different people at different levels and people just starting out in the workforce.”

“It was important to me because it gave me ideas to tell my children to start paying themselves first now,” Jill Doyle said. “The chart that showed how their money would increase over the years would be helpful for them to see.”

A compelling commitment to physical wellness was also on display, as the top professional tennis players in the world competed at the Western & Southern Open.  The women viewed the action from a private suite, complete with a surprise visit and question-and-answer session with the men’s number-one seed, Rafael Nadal.

“To hear one-on-one from Rafa Nadal, who is again the No. 1 player in the world,” Barbara Poskanzer said, “… for Western and Southern to get him to donate his time from his tournament preparation … that’s amazing.”

“Western & Southern put on a great experience,” said Kristie Sheanshang, who attended the event with her friend, Erica Pontius. “We got to see a lot of different players.”

“This was an amazing wellness experience. Anytime you can have an afternoon off to share with friends and to enjoy some great tennis and all of the extras that Western & Southern offered were wonderful,” said Erica Pontius.

“We have been spoiled, we have been pampered, we learned things, we have done things, so it exceeded my expectations,” said Sue Ditullio, who also was on center court as part of the pregame coin toss. “Being a tennis fan, meeting Rafa and being in the same place as these tennis players, it was fantastic as a fan.”

This event was a reminder of the importance of overall wellness, physical and financial, and how important it is to take time to exercise, share, support, learn and grow as women. 

Western & Southern Financial Group cares about the wellness of women and is actively developing more events and resources to help them focus on physical and financial health and happiness.