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Cast Elegance Pizza Stones Create The Perfect Crust Every Time

Cast Elegance Pizza Stones Create The Perfect Crust Every Time
Posted at 1:05 PM, Mar 04, 2022

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Ordering takeout isn’t always the healthiest option — for your body or your wallet. Fortunately, when the craving for pizza hits, you don’t need a brick oven to create restaurant-quality pizza if you have a pizza stone on hand. Pizza stones work with traditional ovens to provide an even bake with a crust that is perfectly crispy!

While most families use pizza stones to create a healthy version of their favorite pie, the stones can also be used to cook much more than just pizza. They work great for baking homemade breads, roasting vegetables and creating a giant cookie that is sure to impress the kids.

Cast Elegance is one of the only companies to use Thermite to construct their pizza stones. Thermite produces the same results as a brick oven by amplifying the heat it absorbs from a traditional oven or grill and by drawing the moisture away from the pizza dough. The stones are food-safe and odor-free, making them a top choice among professional and home chefs alike.

Our sister site Don’t Waste Your Money has a team of experts that spends hundreds of hours analyzing, testing and researching products to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Here are their top picks for Cast Elegance Pizza Stones.

Cast Elegance 16-Inch Thermarite Round Pizza Stone


If you’re looking to prepare a large pie for a hungry group, this round Cast Elegance stone is an excellent choice. It can fit pizzas of up to 16 inches in diameter and it comes with a complimentary recipe book for inspiration and a scraper for easy clean-up. The stone itself is thick and made for use with both indoor ovens and outdoor grills.

Cast Elegance 14-Inch Thermarite Round Pizza Stone


This Cast Elegance pizza stone is perfect for small and medium-sized pizzas, which makes it the ideal choice for an at-home date night. The stone measures 14 inches and has a durable build that won’t crack under pressure. The only downside is that the stone takes a little longer to heat up when it’s placed over a charcoal fire, should you wish to use it with your grill.

Cast Elegance 14-by-16-Inch Thermarite Rectangular Pizza Stone


Home chefs that love Sicilian or Detroit-style pizzas will want to go with this rectangular Cast Elegance pizza stone. It measures 14 inches by 16 inches and offers the same benefits as the company’s circular-shaped stones. Bakers will love the stone’s thick build, high heat retention and ability to consistently produce crispy crust.

How To Use Your Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

Maintaining this top-notch pizza stone is easy. Simply use the provided scraper to remove any pizza residue after use and then wipe the stone down with a damp cloth. If you prefer, you can place a sheet of parchment paper over the stone to protect it from any cheese that bubbles over the crust.

Since the Cast Elegance pizza stone is so versatile, you may want to use it to bake cinnamon rolls for a lazy Saturday breakfast. Some home chefs use their pizza stones to cook an entire chicken, while others use them to heat up soft-shell tortillas for taco Tuesday.

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