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Costco Sells A Pack Of Reusable, Color-Changing Tumblers For Just $14.99

Costco Sells A Pack Of Reusable, Color-Changing Tumblers For Just $14.99
Posted at 1:24 PM, Jun 14, 2020

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A few weeks ago, the eco-friendly, color-changing cups at Starbucks were the hottest tumblers in town but now they have a little competition from Costco.

Shoppers are finding Manna Color-Changing Plastic Tumblers at Costco locations around the country and online. Much like the Starbucks color-changing collection, though, these cups might be hard to find right away. Online stocks appear to be out as of this writing, but savvy shoppers, like Chrissy Salvador, are finding them on shelves in local stores, as you can see from this Facebook post she wrote last weekend.

This set of reusable tumblers comes with 12 cups divided into four main colors: sky blue, lime green, pink and orange. But, each of these cups will change like chameleons when holding an ice-cold beverage. The red tumbler transforms to orange, the pink turns purple, sky blue slips into a navy hue and lime green changes into emerald.

Each cup also comes with a color-coordinated lid and straw. So, you can either match them up as they were designed or get creative with the colors displayed on your chalice.


The cups will hold 24 ounces of liquid, so you should be able to enjoy a big drink and plenty of ice. They are also the right size for standard cup holders so no worries about taking them on a long drive.

In true Costco form, the wholesale retail chain is offering this new collection at a better price than similar products from competitors. This set of color-changing tumblers sells in Costco stores for $14.99 and comes with a dozen reusable cups, while Starbucks’ cup set includes five cups (along with lids and straws) for as much as $18.95, depending on where you find them.

Unfortunately, if you’re shopping online at Costco, the price for the Manna set is $19.99 but shipping and handling is included.

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