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People Are Cracking Up At This Video Of A Golden Retriever And German Shepherd ‘talking’ About Helping Their Human

People Are Cracking Up At This Video Of A Golden Retriever And German Shepherd ‘talking’ About Helping Their Human
Posted at 3:05 PM, Nov 11, 2019

It was an ordinary day for Max the German shepherd and his little bro, Murph the golden retriever. Many barks were barked, many smells were sniffed. Until Brian, Max and Murph’s human, collapsed on the floor!

Brian was OK, and just playing a prank on his pets, but the dogs didn’t know that. After the fact, Brian added the dogs’ “conversation” into a video of his sneaky trick, and it’s guaranteed to give you a giggle. Especially Murph’s unique — and very effective — resuscitation technique.

Check out the video below, where Murph and Max worriedly fuss over “unconscious” Brian. “Did hooman the rescue,” reads the Instagram post. “Culd not risk losimg our treato provider.” (Pardon the spelling and syntax — dogs don’t always speak English that well, you know.)

Murph saves the day with some quick thinking! Max’s gentle snuggle didn’t seem to work, so Murph goes straight for the tried-and-true — jumping on the, uh, middle part of the human for a guaranteed wake-up.

This isn’t the first time Brian’s pulled this stunt. Max, in particular, has seen it all before. There’s even a compilation of Max and Murph puzzling over the proper “pawcedures” when their owner suddenly conks out.

The emergency protocol: If yips and licks and snuggles don’t work, just start stepping on the human to bring him back to life.

When they’re not heroically reviving their sleepy Brian, Max and Murph star in a whole series of videos on Instagram. Here’s one that shows a brotherly wrestling match instigated by little Murph. Zooms activating!

In the days before Murph came to stay, Max spent some time figuring out which famous actor he looked like — with some surprising results.

Here’s a short music video from my new favorite band, Borkstreet Bois:

If your heart can handle the sweetness, here’s baby Murph getting rowdy with Brian — and then having a small mishap with the glass patio door.

I just love their adorable faces, especially Max’s gigantic ears! I’m also a sucker for DoggoLingo, so this is my kind of content.

Brian frequently pupdates (sorry) Facebook and Instagram with new videos. Give ’em a follow for more Max-and-Murph adventures!

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