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Etsy Seller’s Custom ‘Golden Girls’ Lego Set Recreates Their Miami Living Room

Etsy Seller’s Custom ‘Golden Girls’ Lego Set Recreates Their Miami Living Room
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jan 31, 2022

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The ladies of “The Golden Girls” have been cultural icons for decades now. The show’s fans have honored Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche by buying everything from coffee mugs to board games to a newly created Starbucks secret menu recipe for a  “Golden Girls” Cheesecake Frappucino.

Ever since the passing of Betty White on Dec. 31, 2021, it seems like everything connected to the series is making news and selling out quickly. One Etsy creator with a particular passion for “The Golden Girls” has been selling a Lego set modeled after the iconic living room of everyone’s favorite Miami condo.

In addition to the furniture and accessories — including a cheesecake — you get Minifigures of all four the main characters, plus Stan, with accessories that match them. Stan’s Minifig comes with a toupee and Dorothy and Rose each have reversible faces for whichever mood they’re in.


As you might have expected, the set sold out quickly. But not due to the overwhelming demand in the wake of White’s death, but a shortage of supplies that make up this custom Lego set.

According to CindyLou Peoples, the Etsy seller who goes by GoldenGirlsMerch on the online marketplace, creating this finely detailed replica of “The Golden Girls” set isn’t as easy as buying a prefabricated Lego set in a single box and then building it. Each piece apparently has to be sourced from other sets, put together to make a completely new project, then repackaged into the new set that she sells on Etsy.

“We are currently in the process of trying to locate and purchase the unique pieces required to build this set,” the seller recently explained in her Etsy product description. “It’s a very long process. The pieces are becoming harder to find each time before we can secure and release a batch. Lego doesn’t sell bricks outside of their commercial sets. Individual vendors collect the bricks from broken down sets and then we search their vast inventories for the pieces needed.”


After finding the individual pieces from up to 35 separate vendors, the shop tries to purchase them in bulk to minimize the cost of the “Golden Girls” Lego set. The completed set, which includes everything needed to build the living room, the accessories and even all of the Lego Minifig characters, currently lists for $95 on Etsy.

You can swing over to the Etsy product page to sign up for the waiting list to get notified when the GoldenGirlsMerch sets are back in stock.

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