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You can get an individual ice cream cupcake from Dairy Queen

You can get an individual ice cream cupcake from Dairy Queen
Posted at 10:20 AM, Feb 14, 2023

Cake makes special days even more spectacular and fun. It’s even better when the treat is an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, which is filled with creamy, cold deliciousness in each bite. Of course, you don’t have to wait for your birthday or a holiday. You can get a cake anytime from the chain store’s locations for any occasion. Or none!

What’s even more fun — getting one of those cakes all to yourself. Did you know that some locations make a sundae-sized version of its popular ice cream cake called a Dairy Queen cupcake?

One of the company’s stores in Ohio describes the $3.29 cupcake as “a decadent indulgence made just for one” in this Facebook post.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize some secret phrase to order this delicious treat. It’s not part of a “secret menu” (but more on that later). Simply ask at the counter or drive-thru for a cupcake. In return, you’ll receive a small ice cream cake that’s decorated for the season.

DQ alters frostings, colors and sprinkles quite frequently so you might order one cupcake today at your usual DQ and get a completely different kind the next time you stop in. Here’s one from a different Ohio location that has blue frosting and sprinkles.

What is guaranteed to be the same every time you order — and this might be the most important part — is that crunchy goodness in the center of every DQ cake will be surrounded by creamy vanilla and that chocolate soft serve will always be included. And it’ll still be drizzled with that to-die-for fudge that we can never get enough of.

Since DQ restaurants are independent franchises, each owner decides the menu for that particular location. So there is a chance it’s not available at your local shop. But it’s definitely worth asking for next time you’re looking to treat yourself — or your loved ones. These sundae-sized cupcakes are meant for one person, so no need to feel guilty if you don’t feel like sharing.

Of course, you could get several so everyone gets their own cute little cupcake, as shown in this post.

Back to that DQ “secret menu” that we mentioned earlier. We hear it really is a thing, as long as you know how to custom-order your favorite ingredients to create new concoctions. Try a Butterbeer Blizzard, a Puppy Chow Blizzard or even a Sneaky Ninja Blizzard (it has a mystery ingredient that’s the employee’s choice). Who knew?

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