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Get Your Cat The Macrame Hammock Of Their Dreams

Get Your Cat The Macrame Hammock Of Their Dreams
Posted at 6:54 AM, Jan 30, 2021

If you have a cat, you’ll know how much this particular pet likes to lounge. Your feline friend will happily turn any place that’s warm and comfortable into a favorite spot. But cats also like their space, which makes the macrame cat hammock from Etsy store Macramebeautiful the perfect gift for your kitty.

Made of strong, durable, 100% cotton cords, this cat hammock comes in a range of colors, styles and sizes because every pet is unique. You can go for classic cream or brighten up your space with a brightly dip-dyed model. Prices start at $44.09 for the natural white macrame cat swing.


The reviews speak for themselves.

“Beautiful product! Sturdy, easily hung. My cat absolutely loves it,” wrote one satisfied customer. “I have to set him in the bed, as he is not the best with balance. But once there, he is so happy!”

Other cat owners praised the service and how well made the product was, even if they weren’t sure their cats knew what to do with it at first.

“This is PURFECT! My cats love it!” one commented. “It took them a bit to figure out that it was for them, but now I can’t keep them off of it. I love the quality, and the color is gorgeous.”

And it’s not just cats who are enjoying their new hanging homes. One customer revealed that they purchased a hammock for their chihuahua mix, describing it as “the perfect size.”


Forget about cat trees and homemade houses — the ultimate treat for your cat in 2021 is a beautiful macrame hammock. One design is decorated with hanging wooden beads, making it difficult to choose which one to get.


Along with fabulous cat furniture, Macramebeautiful sells plant hangers, nursery wall art, hanging wall shelves and even toilet paper holders! Everything is made in China, so it might take a little while to fill your home with macrame magic.

Of course, you could try to master the art yourself. According to Refinery 29, 1970s interiors (in which macrame played a major role) is a big trend for 2021.

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