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You Can Now Buy A Massive Unicorn Lawn Ornament At Home Depot For The Holidays

You Can Now Buy A Massive Unicorn Lawn Ornament At Home Depot For The Holidays
Posted at 12:53 PM, Oct 25, 2019

It feels like just yesterday that I had my husband put up the outdoor Halloween decorations: a single, glossy black tree with skeletal, drooping branches sprouting orange lights. But already, I’m vibrating with anticipation over putting up the Christmas lights, a much more massive undertaking.

And sure, we already have icicle lights, a light-up reindeer, a light-up lawn tree, light nets to throw over the bushes, light-up garlands for the banisters and — the pièce de résistance — a massive, colorfully lit wreath. But I am a big believer in the magic of Christmas decorations, and what could be more magical than a 6-foot light-up unicorn?

(Nothing. The answer is nothing.)


Home Depot

::wipes away tears of overwhelming Christmas emotion::

Home Depot is the place to get this Spirited Sparkle Christmas Unicorn Yard Decoration, that’s made with 160 cool white LED lights and a hefty dose of Christmas magic. The product description also points out that this unicorn is life-sized — but how do they know? Wait. Are unicorns real?? This just gets better and better.

A video on the product page, which provides step-by-step assembly instructions, points out that assembly is best with two or more people. That means I’ll have to go out into the frigid cold to help my husband set this up, but I suspect it may be worth it.

Of course, the site also says this unicorn is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Do you think my husband would care if a 6-foot sparkly unicorn suddenly appeared in our living room one day?

This bit of gloriousness will run you $139 at Home Depot. But, for half the price, you can get a unicorn at half the height:

Home Depot

I suppose that’s a good way to go thrifty but — hear me out here — what if you bought the big unicorn and surrounded it with a bunch of little unicorns and created an entire sparkle unicorn family!?

Just … think about it. And have a happy holiday.

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