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Jack Daniels releases Jack & Coke canned cocktail

Jack Daniels releases Jack & Coke canned cocktail
Posted at 10:55 AM, Mar 15, 2023

Jack Daniels has teamed up with Coca-Cola to launch a new canned drink inspired by the classic Jack & Coke cocktail.

Each can of Whiskey & Cola is 12-ounces, the same size as a can of of Coca-Cola. With 7% alcohol by volume, you can purchase a box of four in stores nationwide, including Meijer and Target.

The drink launched in Mexico last year, but this is the first time it’s available in the U.S. Jack Daniels said in November that there would also be a zero-sugar version, but it doesn’t appear that one has hit shelves just yet.

If you can’t find them near you, or just want something stronger, Jack Daniels also posted a recipe for a Jack & Coke on their website, so you can make your own drink.


While the collaboration with Coca-Cola is new, Jack Daniels does have some other canned drinks, including lemonade and apple fizz.

For something a bit different, Jim Beam also just launched a canned cocktail collection. With 120 calories and 5% ABV, the new Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers come in four flavors: strawberry punch, black cherry lemonade, sweet tea lemonade and citrus punch.

Jim Beam

Other new canned cocktails you’ll find in stores now include Zing Zang, which just released four new drinks: mango margarita, margarita, Blazing Bloody Mary and bourbon whiskey sour. The Zing Zang drinks each have 9% ABV.

You’ll also find new Bud Light Seltzer Sangria Splash, which comes in four flavors: white, red, rose and tropical. The Bud Light Seltzer Sangria drinks have 5% ABV and 110 calories per can. Made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors, each 12-ounce can contains less than two grams of sugar.

Bud Light

If you want to stick to whiskey, Jack Daniels has quite a few other recipes on their website as well, like a peach highball, dirty Shirley and Manhattan.

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