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Joe Biden’s Dogs Wish America A Merry Christmas In This Cute Video

Joe Biden’s Dogs Wish America A Merry Christmas In This Cute Video
Posted at 8:33 AM, Dec 29, 2020

In January, two good boys will take up residence in the White House. President-elect Joe Biden’s German Shepherds, Major and Champ, will be the first “first dogs” in four years.

Recently, senior dog Champ and his younger, feistier sibling took to Twitter to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. In the video, Champ is shown relaxing under the tree with some new holiday toys watching Major tear through the house, chewing on, chasing, and tugging his own playthings.

“No matter how you’re celebrating this year, Champ and Major wish you a Merry Christmas,” President-elect Biden tweeted.

Major will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House. So far, both pooches don’t seem to have let the fact that they’ll probably be the nation’s most famous dogs go to their heads.

Although they are of the same breed, the two dogs are at very different stages in life. The Biden family brought Champ home back in 2008 following Jill Biden’s promise to her husband that if he and President Barack Obama won the election, they could get a dog.

According to the L.A. Times, the Bidens’ grandchildren revealed the name Champ in 2008. They picked the name because the president-elect’s father called him Champ when he was a child, particularly when he was having a tough time. Biden often recalled one of his father’s sayings in his campaign speeches.

“Any time you get knocked down, champ,” Biden quoted his father as saying, “Get up!”

At the time, the vice president received some criticism for purchasing a dog from a breeder. He and his wife promised to adopt their next dog from a shelter. The family did so in 2018 when they officially adopted Major, whom they had been fostering for the Delaware Human Association.

“Today is Major’s lucky day,” the Delaware Humane Association posted on Facebook at the time. “Not only did Major find his forever home, but he got adopted by Vice President Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden! The Bidens have gotten to know Major while fostering him and are now ready to make the adoption official. Best of luck, and thank you for being one of our Friends for life!”

We look forward to more antics from the White House’s new four-legged residents in the future.

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