How to get your home ready for winter

Posted at 1:49 PM, Nov 16, 2016

We all know of “spring cleaning,” but with the harsh weather approaching homeowners must take precaution in the fall and winter as well. Temperatures can change dramatically in winter, so to help make sure your home is ready we’ve prepared a list of things to do for your home before the winter hits.

Get your mind in the gutter

Yes, you heard us right. Get your mind in the gutter, and while you’re in there you might as well clean them! The weight of water, leaves and debris can loosen your gutters and cause them to pull away from their attachments. You also want to avoid frozen water clogging up the gutters, which causes water to come into your home.

Angie's list gives great step by step instructions on properly cleaning your gutters.
Seal in the heat

Keep your heating bill low and the temperature high by caulking your windows. If you’re feeling a draft, don't let it go unsolved - it will cost you.

Here’s how to find those tricky air leaks in windows, doors, and attics:

?   On a particular windy day light a candle or incense and hold it in front of potential drafty areas.
?   If the fire/smoke moves back and forth or is pulled out of the room you have an air leak.
?   Call your local heating specialist or gather the materials for do it yourself.
Gather around the fireplace, but safety first

Even if you barely use your fireplace, it still needs upkeep for the safety of your family. Check your flue for dust, debris, leaves and animal nests that may have accumulated over the spring and summer. It is also highly recommended that you have a professional chimney sweep inspect your fireplace annually.
For more information on how to prepare your fireplace yourself, click here.

Reverse the ceiling fan

Reversing your ceiling fan is a great way to get warmed up. By reversing the blades to move in a clockwise direction, it forces the warm air down to the floor.

Cover it up!

Cover up your air conditioning unit. If you have a single unit in the window, take it out or cover it to prevent air leaks. This will save you money!

Don’t wait to make repairs

Get your summer equipment up to par before you store them away. You don't want to wait until the spring or summer just to realize you’ve got a bummed lawn mower. Clean your equipment, repair if necessary and store in the back of your garage or storage area.

Angie’s List has great advice on how to keep your summer lawn equipment running year around.

Purge, clean and organize!

This is the perfect time to organize your garage or shed. Not only will you feel better but this is a great chance to make sure your fall and winter equipment is easy to access. Move the spring/summer tools to the back and the fall/winter tools to the front.

Here are some borderline genius ways to organize your garage!

Prepare your wood

Get your deck cleaned and stained to be ready for the colder weather. The ice, snow and salt can wreak havoc on your deck - don’t let this slip through the cracks this winter.
For tips on how to prepare your deck for the winter click here.

No more fun in the sun

The summer is over and unfortunately it's time to close the outdoor pools. Leaving the pool uncovered will only create more trouble for you next summer.

Hire a professional or check out these do it yourself tips on how to close the pool yourself.