Lakewood Truck Park offering weekly yoga classes

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jan 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 11:39:29-05

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — After the calendar flips over to 2021, many of us have resolved to exercise more or eat better. One of the most popular ways to help the body get in shape is by doing Yoga.

“Yoga truly is for anybody and any body,” yoga instructor Alicia Hansen said. “As Yoga teachers we hear a lot, ‘well I’m not flexible.’ But oftentimes, none of us feel that way when we step on this mat.”

Hansen has been teaching yoga classes for nine years and hosts a special Saturday morning session at the Lakewood Truck Park every week.

“I consider Yoga to be one of the biggest tools that you can have in your toolbox in terms of overall health and wellness,” Hansen said. “There’s so many physical benefits through the actual poses themselves. But ultimately, yoga is about stillness and about breath work.”

While breath work is key, meditation is also serves an important role to help clear the mind.

Especially if you spend too much time scrolling or too much time on social media. That chance to just close the world out, go in for yourself,” Hansen said. “You’ll find that you focus on tasks better. Many people find that they sleep better.”

The truck park opened in June, just months into the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a less than ideal start, but they’ve seen excitement from guests looking for a new experience.

“We’re surviving, definitely could be doing a lot better.” Lakewood Truck Park owner Jackie Ramey said. “We know that time will come but it’s just a matter of everything going back to somewhat normal.”

Until then, they’ve had to be flexible by maximizing the indoor-outdoor space by hosting events like Hansen’s yoga class, which offers a complimentary mimosa of course.

‘We eventually want to have music, fundraisers,” Ramey said. “We teamed-up with Mutley Crew we did have dogs who were adoptable and did a halloween costume contest with the dogs.”

Though it’s a tricky resolution to start, and even more challenging to keep up, yoga can be beneficial for anyone with any skill level.

“There’s always a benefit and a lifelong lesson to learn when you step onto your mat if you take the chance and try something new,” Hansen said.