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Loaded Pancake Boards Are A Fun New Way To Serve Breakfast

Posted at 9:15 AM, Feb 20, 2020

Move over, charcuterie boards. There’s a new board in town, and it’s taking over brunch — and the internet. If your ideal mid-morning meal includes a stack of warm, buttery flapjacks and your choice of accouterments, take note: Pancake boards are a delicious new brunch trend.

Pancake boards and trays are ideal for brunch, but you’re not limited to serving (or indulging) in this tasty treat then. Of course, you can have them for breakfast, but dinner or a late evening meal is an option as well.

The focus of these spreads might be fluffy, warm circles of hearty goodness, but what makes this trend so tempting is the toppings. What you include on a pancake board is really up to you. You could go for a theme, such as sweet sides and toppings — think sliced fruit, blueberry syrup, chocolate chips and whipped cream. Or you might veer toward savory, with offerings such as zucchini pancakes, egg bites, bacon, sausage and cheese.

If you love the idea of a loaded pancake board but would like a bit of inspiration, look no further than social media. Using the hashtag #pancakeboard on Instagram reveals dozens of mouthwatering images and info that will have you dashing to the kitchen to whip up some batter and dig some delicious extras out of the fridge and pantry.

Here’s one from @everyday_tables, featuring small pancakes, fruit, syrups, bacon and some fun toppings:

On the other hand, you might want to go for a full brunch board with a combination of all of your favorite foods and ingredients. There really is no wrong way to enjoy pancakes.

This one from @jackiesboardlife includes eggs, bacon, grapefruit, peanut butter, bananas and more. It’s definitely a complete breakfast spread.

Kids can get in on the fun, as well. Instagrammer @homemadeforelle shared her daughter’s impressive contribution to family dinner.

“My 9yo makes dinner on Mondays and tonight she made a Pancake Board,” she posted. “Complete with brown sugar candied bacon. Love how much she loves cooking!”


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Creating a loaded pancake board can be easier than you think. Perfect Pear Events offered useful tips along with their post, such as making the hotcakes ahead of time or freezing them. Not a fan of flipping?

“You can buy frozen pancakes at your local supermarket and just follow the instructions to reheat,” they suggested.

You could also celebrate a special occasion with your pancake board; some Instagrammers made versions that were appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Here’s one with heart-shaped pancakes, strawberries, breakfast meats and chocolate from Rachel Goodman at @blessedmidwestmom.

Or stick to a particular color theme and focus on the aesthetics without sacrificing taste. This gorgeous board from chef and food stylist Lauren Cooper at @laurenkandelc is wonderful for blueberry lovers.

What will you load your pancake board with?


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