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This Man Built His Wife A Wild West-Style Town For Their Chickens

This Man Built His Wife A Wild West-Style Town For Their Chickens
Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 09, 2021

There’s something about people who raise chickens. They come up with so many creative ideas. Just take the folks who decided to crochet and sew egg-gathering aprons to carry that daily collection from their hens. They also seem to have a great (if wicked) sense of humor — have you seen just how many people have made KFC-inspired chicken coops for their chickens?

But the Wild West-themed chicken town Mitzi Ballard’s husband, Tracy, made for her feathered friends really takes the cake. Country Music Nation reports that the Missouri couple didn’t have a dedicated space in their yard for the chickens, so Tracy decided to make a whole town for them. Each building is packed with clever details, and taken as a whole, it’s probably going to be the most delightful thing you’ve seen all day.

Ballard posted photos of her husband’s creation. Though it’s been four years since he made it, you’ll see why his work is still making the rounds on the internet.

Here’s an overview of the town, posted to Facebook, that shows the jail, livery, saloon and water tower. Oh, and chickens at the far left!

Here’s the town water tower, which hydrates residents right at hen height.

And check out the livery. It’s two stories, and the barn doors open and close. If you look closely, you can see the faux hay in the upstairs doorway. Also, note that like every town with multiple streets, this one has signs marking the major thoroughfares.

Here’s the town bath. A popular spot!

Here’s the chickens’ saloon … though that sign on the right (Miss Clara, Miss May, Miss Lulu) indicates there might be another business operating out of the saloon as well! Hmm.

The saloon has a place to tie your horse out front, of course, along with curtains in the windows and a tiny red lantern hanging on the porch.

If anyone gets too rowdy at the saloon, they’ll presumably end up in chicken jail (which Ballard noted is really for feed storage). It looks like there’s a rooster with a “fowl” attitude in there right now! Not in this town, sir! Say, is that the fellow on the “wanted” poster below the window?

Meanwhile, the hardworking hens seem to appreciate that there’s now a blacksmith in town to meet all their metalwork needs.

Everyone should be safe and sound in here!

Well done, Tracy. These chickens are surely glad to come home to roost here every night.

[H/t: Today’s Mama]

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