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Mariah Carey Just Kicked Off The Holiday Season With A ‘smashing’ New Video

Mariah Carey Just Kicked Off The Holiday Season With A ‘smashing’ New Video
Posted at 1:04 PM, Nov 02, 2021

Have you been secretly listening to Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” for weeks? Well, it’s time to come out of the shadows of Halloween and proudly crank that tune up, according to a new video posted by the legendary singer!

Carey, whose iconic Christmas song has been filling hearts with holiday cheer since 1994, kicked off the holiday season at midnight on Nov. 1 with a festive — if slightly violent — post across her social media profiles.

The clip opens with a spooky collection of decorations, including a trio of carved pumpkins lit up with the message, “It’s not time.” It’s a reference to the fact that, for many people, October is considered too soon for any sort of Christmas music or decorations. I mean, you can’t even put out your 12-foot tall inflatable nutcracker in mid-September without hearing from those grinches!

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In Carey’s epic post, the diva asks the world a simple question: “Ready? Let’s go!” From there, she finds a rather aggressive way to announce that we are officially past Halloween on ready for the winter holidays.

Dressed in a sparkling red sequined evening gown (with some incredible high heels to match) and carrying a baseball bat that’s painted like a peppermint stick, Carey smashes the pumpkin display. Of course, her attack on the gourds is accompanied by the opening notes of her holiday anthem.

And the world was apparently ready to hear her message. Within 24 hours of Carey’s post, “All I Want For Christmas” jumped into Spotify’s Top 50 most popular streaming songs in the U.S. and hit the No. 45 spot, according to a screenshot tweeted by PopBase.

The new video quickly went viral and already has more than 7 million views on Twitter. Fans not only loved the energy of Carey’s Christmas season kickoff but also noticed a cryptic message. The date Nov. 5 can be seen on one of the holiday gifts.

Twitter user @withyouriah was one of the first viewers to spot the date and share it online.

It turns out that Carey’s new holiday single, “Fall in Love at Christmas,” will drop on Nov. 5. The track will feature her alongside smooth pop superstar Khalid.

Fans also got some exciting news the day after the clip was posted. On Nov. 2, Carey tweeted a screenshot from a new holiday special she’s doing for Apple TV+. “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues” will debut in December. It follows the special she did for the streaming platform in 2020.

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Even if you’re not fully into the Christmas celebration spirit yet, Carey understands and has got your back. At the end of the video, she included a public service announcement about what to do with those smashed pumpkins from Halloween.

“IT’S TIME!!!” the video’s ending titles stated, “To smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie … cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!”


Are you ready to start celebrating the holidays or is it still too early in your book?

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