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Basheer Jones gets vaccinated following News 5 interview in which he said he had not done so yet

Basheer Jones vaccinated
Basheer Jones
Posted at 1:11 PM, Sep 03, 2021
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CLEVELAND — On Tuesday, News 5 reported that five of the seven Cleveland mayoral candidates told us during one-on-one interviews that they were vaccinated. Basheer Jones said "not yet." Dennis Kucinich did not answer and later issued a statement. On Friday, not yet became right now for Jones, with the candidate releasing a photo and a statement saying he has started the process of getting vaccinated.

His statement:

“I chose to get vaccinated after careful consideration and conversation with my family and health care provider. The risk-benefit balance led to my decision to get vaccinated. As I’ve said, it’s a choice every person should make on their own that should not be rushed.”

In a one-on-one interview with News 5 Chief Investigator Ron Regan conducted on Wed., Aug. 25 -- an interview Regan did with each candidate that covered a number of topics such as eviction and crime -- Jones said he hadn't received a COVID-19 vaccine yet but was planning to do so.

At 36 years old, Jones has been eligible for the vaccine since March 29.

From our interview:

Ron Regan: "Are you vaccinated?"

Basheer Jones: "I'm going to be getting vaccinated. But not yet."

Ron Regan: "What held you back?"

Basheer Jones: "You know, I want to make sure that my elders get it, want to make sure that my children get it. I want to make sure the people of my community had access to it. So it wasn't something that I wanted to rush and make sure of."

More from that interview and what each candidate said here: What all 7 Cleveland mayoral candidates had to say about their vaccination policies and status.

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