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'This was a sad day for our country,' Gov. Mike DeWine condemns riots that took place in the Capitol

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jan 06, 2021

CLEVELAND — Gov. Mike DeWine called Wednesday's riots in D.C. an "embarrassment to our country."

DeWine said the disruption of the process of electing our president is not acceptable.

He called the protesters who breached security at the Capitol building a violent mob and said they also breached our constitution.

"The process needs to play out. And if people are going to object, they have a right under the rules to object to the law, to object. And there's a process to take care of that," DeWine said. "It's just it's just shocking. It's despicable and every American, every American has to denounce this."

DeWine said the Ohio National Guard was not called in to help D.C.