CLE dumping vandals attack city surveillance cameras, suspect caught on video

Enviormental Task Force looks for illegal dumpers
Posted at 9:25 PM, Jul 07, 2016

Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are fighting illegal dumping by using a set of 6 portable surveillance cameras, but now the vandals are attacking the cameras.

One of the vandals was caught on camera after police believe he used a rock to pummel the camera until it stopped working.

Cleveland Police Sgt. Andrew Ezzo is the leader of the city Environmental Task Force, and has teamed up with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department in an effort to stop a growing amount of illegal dumping.

Ezzo told vandals have stolen cables and solar panels off of the surveillance cameras, and now they're simply smashing the portable units.

Ezzo said cameras have been a great deterrent, and have helped police with arrests and convictions. 

Ezzo said in many cases illegal dumpers are coming into Cleveland from surrounding cities.

"We're definitely watching and we're looking for guys like this," said Ezzo. "The indictments that come off the camera.  We had one guy who dumped tires three different times at the same location. We were able to get his licenses plate from the truck."

"This is a beautiful city, I live here.  I'll tell you what, these people that live in the suburbs, they don't want this stuff happening in their suburb. I don't want it happening in Cleveland."

Cleveland block club leader David Reuse has arrested people caught illegally dumping, and believes the sentencing for those convicted must include mandatory jail time.

"We need some mandatory fines and mandatory jail time, where the judge has no leniency on this," said Reuse.  "This is what the law says, this is what should be done."

Cleveland Police continue their search for the surveillance camera vandal, and urge residents to call the city dumping hotline at 1-216-664-DUMP (3867) if they see someone in the act.