Avon Lake family uses home project to create 3D band for protective masks to prevent ear pain

Posted at 3:08 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 15:08:22-04

AVON LAKE, Ohio — A family in Avon Lake has created a special band for the masks that often put uncomfortable pressure on the ears of healthcare workers who have to wear them for long hours at a time.

Shelly Collier and her two sons, 13 and 9, used their 3D printer at home to print bands that go behind the head and the ear straps of the masks.

Collier said she heard many workers had raw, blistered and scabbed ears from the constant friction, and they wanted to help.

Since they started making them, the response has been incredible. So far, they have donated over 350 bands to healthcare workers in Lakewood and a hospital in Georgia and are currently working on a request for an additional 300 bands for MetroHealth.

"It continues to push up to keep going every time we hear how much more comfortable it’s making our providers," said Collier.

While the family isn’t charging anyone, they are asking for donations.

The printer they are using can only process no more than five in a two and half hour period.

For those interested in donating can donate through the family’s Paypal or Venmo account:

Any questions can be directed to