Group that helps the homeless needs help themselves as pandemic spreads

Posted at 11:38 AM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 11:38:26-04

CLEVELAND — The St. Vincent De Paul Society is calling for help to feed people who are lacking food. Despite stepping in to provide resources, the organization is now in need of assistance itself.

It seems as soon as food rolls in, it rolls out - a symptom of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We saw a decrease of volunteers, because many of our volunteers are in that older retired population,” said chief Exeutive Officer, Anelize Nader.

Nader said St. Vincent De Paul society is doing its best to help.

“The need is going to be huge. People are losing their jobs, people are getting their hours cut. How are they going to pay the rent? Pay utilities?” said Nader. “All the families that never come to the center are gonna come. Last year, we helped over 200,000. This year, who knows?”

There’s little time to count heads, as we head deeper into hard times.

Anelize said help is here, if it’s available.

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