'It’s not time yet': Cleveland entrepreneur says she is keeping COVID-19 protocols in place despite DeWine lifting health orders

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Posted at 6:38 AM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 10:58:35-04

CLEVELAND — Danielle Foley has mastered the art of making people look and feel good. She’s the owner of Bloom and Clover Wax Studio in Cleveland.

She has a tried and true technique for her services that works.

“We do full body waxing, microblading, lash extensions, brow lamination a little bit of everything,” she said.

Throughout the past year, she has found another routine that seems to work, too: COVID-19 protocols her staff and clients follow.

“We’ve been safe this whole time. None of the employees, myself, no one has gotten COVID,” she said.

Employees and clients wear masks at all times, people call before they walk in for their appointments to cut down on the number of people in the studio at one time and they’re not offering certain services that require people to take their masks off.

“We are not offering waxes under the mask, no lip, no chin,” said Foley. “Because we are so close to our clients, it just doesn’t really make sense for us to lose our precautions.”

Despite Governor Mike DeWine lifting the state’s remaining health orders come June 2, Foley said she’s going to keep on doing what she has been doing.

“Because we are so close to our clients, it just doesn’t really make sense for us to lose our precautions,” said Foley.

Terry Allan, the health commissioner for the Cuyahoga County Health Department, said with case counts dropping, it makes sense for DeWine to life health orders.

“We are all tired. All of us are tired of what we’ve dealt with. It’s been a very difficult year,” said Allan.

But he said the Cuyahoga County Board of Health will continue to follow CDC recommendations.

The CDC changed its recommendation Thursday saying those who are fully vaccinated can leave the masks at home for both indoor and outdoor activities. However it does want immune compromised people to check with their doctors first, and it doesn’t apply when traveling on trains, buses, or planes.

Allan said he hopes everyone continues to use their best judgment, which means masking up and social distancing when they are close together.

“What we're doing is saying that we have over a year of experience about what works,” he said. “Take what they’ve learned and when they are in situations where there is concern, with maybe people being close together, the power mask still still is there for you, whether there's an order or not.”

He said the health department will continue to watch the numbers closely and will make recommendations if there is a spike in cases.

“We’re going to keep encouraging people to recognize that the virus is still out there,” he said.

Foley said she’ll be watching the case numbers, too.

“We will definitely go back to normal waxing, full face, eventually, just not yet. It’s not time yet,” she said.

But will stick to what she has been doing.

“I feel like it’s less appropriate to ask clients if they’re vaccinated or not when I can simply say ‘Can you keep a mask on.’”

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