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How you can help small Northeast Ohio businesses

Posted at 9:28 PM, Mar 17, 2020

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Alyssa Wilmot owns The Movement Factory, a pilates and dance studio with locations in both Rocky River and Lakewood.

"It was a difficult decision in some ways, but it was an easy decision in other ways when I read all of the information,” said Wilmot.

She made the choice to temporarily shut down long before Governor Mike DeWine mandated all non-essential businesses close.

"We are communicating a lot with our clients on Instagram, on Facebook through text message, email, staying in contact with them and offering extensions on class cards and packages,” said Wilmot.

In addition, she’s offering pilates classes for her customers online. Many studios are giving away free or paid internet classes for a fraction of the cost to stay afloat. Wilmot is also still meeting with some clients through video chat.

"For the wedding clients I’ve offered Skype sessions or FaceTime sessions in lieu of one on one meetings especially for the people who have their weddings like right, right now,” said Wilmot.

And we’ve all heard about patronizing our favorite restaurants with getting takeout.

"We’re kind of in the mode where we’ll do anything for you just to get through this. We’ll deliver your food, we’ll pack it up, we’ll curbside bring it out to your car there’s no rules,” said Bob Nemo.

Nemo, the owner of Nemo Grille in Avon, says buy gift cards to support local business.

"It’s almost like a small loan for restaurants, not even just restaurants but any type of business if you have a favorite business out there, buy some gift cards,” said Nemo. "If you are able to for your businesses that you frequent, you are doing them a huge service right now.”

He says, don’t forget to tip very well.

"When you’re picking up to-go food tip the servers if you’re getting delivery tip the people that are delivering,” said Nemo.