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Ohio Department of Health dashboard shows COVID-19 cases by zip code

Ohio Covid by zip code
Posted at 10:42 AM, Dec 20, 2020

CLEVELAND — Finding coronavirus cases near your home is easier than you think. The Ohio Department of Health's dashboard has a tool that allows you to find cases based on zip codes.

The map shows COVID-19 cases by zip codes and case rates per 100,000 population by zip code of residence. The numbers are updated daily as information comes in.

Donna Skoda, the health commissioner for Summit County, said it's a great resource for people to use to learn about what's going on around them but it shouldn't be used to determine where one should go out to the store or other errands.

"A virus doesn't know the borders between one community to another," Skoda said. "It doesn't matter where you're at, you should never let your guard down."

Matthew Nichols with the Lake County Department of Health said that for months the public has listened to various numbers and figures, but added it's difficult to take it all in.

"I know that folks are getting a lot of numbers thrown at them, and I think some folks are probably tone deaf at this point to where we're at," he said. "The state as a whole is really—just we are really in the thick of it, for lack of better words."

Christmas is just days away and Nichols, among other health officials across the country, is reminding people that it's not safe to gather with people outside their home. Nichols said it's best to utilize technology and gather virtually.

"I know it will never be the same, but it's certainly a good substitute," he said.

Skoda advised people to pick one activity per day to go out of the house for to cut down on nonessential trips.