Local woman hopes to reconnect, uplift her community through live singing telegrams

Posted at 6:00 AM, Dec 31, 2021

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — Music has been a savior for Sheela Das.

“It’s just the perfect way to express yourself and feel alive,” she said. “I’ve always liked to write songs and as gifts for people growing up, I would write a song based on their characteristics and just to make them laugh.”

But over the past year, she says COVID-19 has somewhat muted her voice.

“What I’ve been missing and all musicians in Cleveland and in the world are those opportunities to perform in venues,” Das said.

She’s now leaning on her love for music and the 1930s traditions to help bring back her old childhood ways through singing telegrams.

“It just dawned on me, this is what I need to do,” she said. “A singing telegram isn’t something that you see locally.”

Das’ holiday telegrams consist of just 25 words, which are curated by residents, and performed live for $35 through her company, Creative Concepts in Music.

“Being able to perform outside and actually have the human connection is really what it’s all about,” she said. “This has been a way to reach people in their homes where they feel safe outdoors and with songs they’ve really curated themselves.”

Her mission to keep the joy alive within herself is now spreading to those she services just in time for the holidays.

“You can see it on their face…they’re videotaping and they’re dancing and they’re looking at their friends who they created this for and they’re so excited,” Das said. “It’s a real uplifting experience.”

For more information or to book a singing telegram, call 216-372-6268 or email