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'It was like heaven': Fully vaccinated couple reunites with their great-grandchildren

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Posted at 7:35 AM, Mar 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-19 07:35:04-04

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Beth and Stan Rosenblum have a love that transcends time.

“We just have a great family, the most wonderful kids,” Beth Rosenblum said. “They're so caring.”

They’ve got quite the family roster to prove it.

“We have nine grandchildren,” Rosenblum said. “Plus, now a number of them are married, so we have grandchildren-in-laws which are great.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the days have seemingly dragged on, especially for those living in congregate care facilities like the Rosenblums.

“We have not been able to see them upfront and personal for the six months or more that we've been here,” Rosenblum said.

Yet, Rosenblum often finds herself wishing she could stop time as she misses important milestones while separated from her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“This is a time where every day they change,” Rosenblum said. “They grow so differently and you miss some of these things like their first steps.”

However, thanks to patience and the COVID-19 vaccine, the family was reunited Thursday at the couple’s assisted living facility home in Beachwood.

“We haven't been able to touch them or hug them,” Rosenblum said. “This morning… it was like heaven.”

The Rosenblums are currently waiting patiently by the phone as they anticipate the arrival of their fourth great-grandchild.

“She's expecting any minute, so we're on baby watch for that,” Rosenblum said.

Holding their new great-grand baby is just one of the things the Rosenblums are looking forward to thanks to the double dose of hope that is the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Once all the COVID restrictions that the governor has made are finished, we’ll really be having a blast,” Rosenblum said.