City of Cleveland not filling potholes yet because of weather — but other communities are

Posted at 6:00 AM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 09:21:16-05

The cold conditions are making your commute that much bumpier. We're talking pothole season and we're finding out communities are dealing with potholes differently based on the weather.

"They're horrible. They tear your vehicles up," said lifelong Clevelander Brittany Zima about the painful potholes in her west side neighborhood. "Just going up Clark (Avenue)…I would literally go through 4 tires within a couple of months."

The current rough roads rattling her ride have her mom riled up, too.

"If your car is broke down and you can't drive it, you're stuck walking,” said Karen Zima.

They told News 5 they want help with the head-hitting holes...fill something.

The City of Cleveland said it has "started to inspect [its] streets during breaks in the weather" and the city's pothole patching will have a "start date after we get out of the cold weather."

That didn’t sit well with the Zima's.

“That's a pathetic excuse to me," said Brittany.

Meanwhile, there are some communities not crumbling to the cold conditions. In fact, we caught crews carrying out their pothole plans. In Parma, people working for that city were pounding away at the plentiful potholes. They were scooping up the old asphalt and rolling over filled potholes.

Parma is patching with a cold mix, even using a heating tool to keep it warm enough to mold around the holes. The crews will use a different method for filling potholes when it's above 20 degrees.

We also checked with Mentor and it says it's filling potholes with the cold patch mix, too, even with the cold temps.

It's enough to make some Clevelanders feel a bit left out of pothole patching plans.

“It's just ridiculous anymore,” said Karen.

If you have a problem pothole or potholes now and throughout the season, we want to hear from you. Fill out this simple feedback form and let us know where the problem area is. We'll check it out.