Ohio Tourism is looking for local artists to create the state's new anthem

Posted at 6:00 AM, Oct 18, 2017

Ohio tourism is the largest it has been in years, with 18 million visitors coming through Cleveland in 2016.

Since tourism is up nearly two percent, Ohio Tourism is on the lookout for a local singer-songwriter to create the state’s new tourism anthem. A part of the new ‘Find it Here’ campaign, the Ohio Tourism office hopes to showcase all the state has to offer, in a new song written and performed by someone who is from the state. They are calling it the soundtrack of Ohio, and they want to develop a ‘custom music package’ that provides a variety of styles and cuts, to exhibit the complexity of Ohio.

Songs can be from any genre, such as country, pop, R&B or rock. To enter yourself to voice of Ohio, you must be in good financial standing with the state, and a resident of the state. Song ideas are due Oct. 20, for more information on how to apply visit