Election Day 2020 live updates: Donald Trump is the projected winner in Ohio, according to ABC News

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Brook Park Voting
Posted at 6:34 AM, Nov 03, 2020
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CLEVELAND — Election Day is finally, finally, finally here. In the weeks leading up to today, 3.4 million Ohioans have already cast their absentee ballots or voted early, according to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Today, the rest of the state's voters will cast their votes, and the fate of the presidency, local house races and scores of local issues such as school levies will be determined.

This blog contains updates from throughout the day Tuesday.

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Watch continuing election night (and Wednesday morning) coverage of the 2020 election from ABC News below:

3:25 AM
Democrat Joe Biden has won at least three of Maine’s four electoral votes in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump. Biden won the statewide tally and the 1st Congressional District, good for three electoral votes. Trump, meanwhile, hoped to claim one electoral vote in a win in the 2nd Congressional District. The 2nd Congressional District hasn’t yet been called. Maine split its electoral votes four years ago, awarding three to Democrat Hillary Clinton and one to Trump, who won the more rural and conservative of Maine’s congressional districts.

3:20 AM
The Akron Zoo announced that its campaign strategists informed them Tuesday night that Issue 47 will pass, providing funding to be used to fund operational expenses, maintenance and expand educational programming for the growing zoo. Read more here.

3:15 AM
Ohio voters react to polls closing after long election cycle. Read more here.

3:09 AM
Democrat Joe Biden has won Arizona and its 11 electoral votes, flipping a critical battleground state that Donald Trump won four years ago and that could help determine which candidate wins the presidency. The victory by Biden was a huge blow to Trump’s chances for reelection. Arizona has backed a Democratic presidential candidate only once in the last 72 years.

2:30 AM
President Donald Trump issued a statement declaring victory in Tuesday's presidential election, adding that he believes that the election is being stolen. There is no evidence at this time of any widespread election or voting fraud.

1:45 AM
Biden picked up what could be a key Electoral College vote in Nebraska by winning the state’s congressional district. Given the states left, that could potentially give Biden exactly the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win.

1:14 AM
Trump has won Texas, holding off a Biden challenge in the state. Trump has narrowly caught up to Biden’s lead in the Electoral College.

12:35 AM
Trump won the state of Florida in arguably the biggest and most important call of the night.

12:25 AM
In recent minutes, the Associated Press has called Hawaii and Minnesota for Biden; Trump has won Ohio, Montana and Iowa.

12:04 AM
ABC News has called Donald Trump as the winner of Ohio, repeating his 2016 victory in our bellwether state. More here.

12:02 AM

Cleveland's Downtown Justice Center was boarded up Tuesday night after Election Day. More here.

12:00 AM

11:44 PM
Cleveland voters have renewed a 15-mill levy originally passed in 2012 with an additional 5 mills. More here.

11 PM
Stark county, a bellwether county in a bellwether state, is decidedly trending toward Trump. More here.

10:45 PM
Republican Troy Balderson has won reelection for Ohio's 12th Congressional District against Democratic challenger Alaina Shearer. More here.

10:31 PM
Republican Dave Joyce has won reelection for Ohio's 14th Congressional District against Democratic challenger Hillary O’Connor Mueri. Read more here.

10:29 PM
Republican Anthony Gonzalez has won reelection for Ohio's 16th Congressional District against Democratic challenger Aaron Godfrey. More here.

9:52 PM
Trump has taken a slim lead in Ohio for the first time tonight. Trump currently has 2,159,012 or 50.30% of the votes counted so far, Biden has 2,076,695, or 48.38% in the state's unofficial results.

9:40 PM
As of 9:40 p.m., with 64% of the expected vote reporting, Joe Biden holds a slim lead of President Trump in Ohio - Biden has 2,008,469 votes or 50% of the current vote, to Trump's 1,995,008 votes, 49%, according to ABC News.

8:33 PM
Republican Jim Jordan wins re-election to U.S. House in Ohio's 4th congressional district. Read more here.

8:17 PM
Cuyhoga Board of Elections Reports it does not appear we’re going to break the 2016 total vote of 617,000 ballots in 2020. And it doesn’t appear they say that we will be above 70% of the eligible 889,175 voters.

8:11 PM
Republican Bill Johnson has won reelection for Ohio's 6th Congressional District against Democratic challenger Shawna Roberts. Read more here.

8:04 PM
Democrat Tim Ryan has won reelection for Ohio's 13th Congressional District against Republican challenger Christina Hagan. Read more here.

Republican Incumbent Bob Gibbs has won reelection for Ohio's 7th Congressional District against Democratic challenger Quentin Potter. Read more here.

Democrat Marcia Fudge has won reelection for Ohio's 11th Congressional District against Republican challenger Laverne Gore. Read more here.

7:54 PM
Democrat Marcy Kaptur has won reelection for Ohio's 9th Congressional District against Republican challenger Rob Weber. More here.

7:30 PM
The polls are officially closed in Ohio. Stay tuned here for live local, state and national results as they come in throughout the evening.

Watch ongoing ABC News coverage of election night by clicking here.

7:26 PM
Polls close at 7:30 p.m., but if you're in line, you're still able to vote.

6:30 PM
As of 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, voter turnout in Cuyahoga County was at about 66%, compared to a 69% final turnout in 2016. Of the 889,175 eligible voters in the county, about 595,929 had cast ballots so far. Here's a chart showing the breakdown of absentee versus Election Day voters:

Unofficial stats from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, as of 6:25 p.m. Tuesday.

6:11 PM
Athletic departments across Northeast Ohio are encouraging others in their community to vote. More here.

5:34 PM
Voters in Brook Park lined up for hours to cast their ballots at the city’s recreation center Tuesday, as lines topped anything poll workers and long-time voters said they’d ever seen. More here.

5:12 PM
Election officials in Summit County have reported some clerical confusion after several polling locations were consolidated into one due to COVID-19. There was also one report of voter intimidation at one polling location, but officials said that ended up being a false report. More here.

5 PM
Those anonymous robocalls urging voters to stay home aren't just an Ohio problem. The FBI is now investigating reports from secretaries of state in Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. More here.

4:52 PM
Black voters are returning to the polls after a dip in turnout in 2016 and a summer of civil unrest. Read Caroline Sweeney's full report here.

4:36 PM
Secretary of State Frank LaRose says the election in Ohio is going "smoothly." Have there been some hiccups? A few. Like the woman who ran her car into a polling station. Don't worry. That story has the most Ohio possible ending. More here.

4:22 PM
Long lines in Lyndhurst, short wait times in Painesville. How long you wait today depends on where you vote. More here.

News 5's Jonathan Walsh reported live from one line, where he spoke to several voters about why they decided to turn out:

Jonathan Walsh speaks to voters in line in Lyndhurst

2:54 PM
The Akron Police Department is warning residents not to fall for a robocall that is advising people to hold off on voting until tomorrow, which is extremely false information. More here.

2:45 PM
News 5 Investigator Sarah Buduson is at the Broadview Heights Community Center, where the line stretches around the entire building and voters are enduring a two-hour wait. Watch her update in the media player below.

Sarah Buduson provides Election Day update from Broadview Heights

Here is another angle from a photo shot by Buduson:


2 PM
Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose held an Election Day news conference. Watch below:

2 PM
If you’re voting in Cleveland today and are delivered a free slice of pizza while you’re waiting in line, it may have come from Portland Trail Blazers guard and Canton native CJ McCollum. Read more here.

1:45 PM
So far, 102,172 Lorain County voters voted early—includes absentee and in-person voting. The previous record was in 2016 when 56,514 people voted early. News 5's Kevin Barry reports that Lorain County nearly doubled its early vote total for this presidential election.

Lines form at a polling location in Lorain.

1:40 PM
News 5 reporter Jonathan Walsh is reporting 45-70 minute wait times in Lyndhurst.

Image from iOS (76).jpg
Long lines form in Lyndhurst.

1:13 PM
The coronavirus pandemic is not only changing how voters cast their ballot but also potentially who they vote for. Read more here.

12:45 PM
Longtime poll workers in Brook Park tell News 5's Scott Noll that they've never seen the crowds like this in the past. Neither has 99-year-old Lottie. Workers said voters lined up before 6 a.m.

El6qqIsXgAciFcV (1).jpeg
99-year-old Lottie.
Brook Park Rec Center voting
Lines to vote form outside Brook Park Recreation Center.

12:05 PM
Our media partner at the Akron Beacon Journal met with a man at the Arlington Church of God in East Akron who was turned away from a poll because his ID showed that he lived in Stow even though he now lives in Akron. It turned out the man wasn't registered even though he thought he was. Remember you can still use your state ID, Ohio driver’s license, or military ID to vote today even if they do not reflect your current address. Read more here.

11:59 AM
At the end of the early voting period, 3.4 million Ohioans cast their ballots. That number is 60% of the total voter turnout in 2016, according to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Read more here.

11:10 AM
A News 5 staffer saw campaign signs being removed from the ground at the St. Ladislas polling location in Westlake. Voters were told that signs could be carried but not placed into the ground. Someone later put the signs back in the ground. Democracy, man.

10:51 AM
Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Anthony Perlatti held an Election Day briefing Tuesday. Key takeaways from the briefing:

  • 90,000 people voted in the first three hours
  • Social distancing has impacted the setup of polling locations—long lines don't necessarily mean there is a problem at a polling location
  • Perlatti said some voters were not back-folding their stub when they went to tear it off. By not doing that, he says you have a greater likelihood of your ballot not being read. Poll workers have been instructed to make the first crease on the ballot to prevent any tearing before it’s read in the machine.
  • County accepting vote by mail ballots that are hand-delivered to the Board of Elections parking lot and the Campus International School by 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
  • No issues with the staffing of polling locations. Board of Elections has a bank of reserved poll workers in case of call-offs. Additional workers have been dispatched out in the field to help at larger polling locations in the county.
  • BOE prepared to handle a large voter turnout. Officials ask for voters to be patient.
  • All the ballots received in the mail through yesterday as well as those collected from the dropbox should be in for the first reporting around 8 p.m.
  • The county will report all absentee ballots by early Wednesday morning. Everything will be counted besides provisional ballots and absentee ballots that were postmarked on Nov. 2.
  • The ballots counted tonight in Cuyahoga County will give a good indication of where the race stands in the county.

10 AM
Akron voters are reporting lines moving swiftly. Voting was brisk across Greater Akron with no reports of unexpected issues. Read more from News 5 media partner at The Akron Beacon Journal here.

9:30 AM
At Southview Middle School in Lorain, there is no line to vote.

9:15 AM
Over in Shaker Heights, lines outside polling locations are a bit more manageable as 59.5% of residents voted absentee ballot.

9:10 AM
Franklin County has shifted to paper poll books for Election Day. For years, the county has been using electronic poll books, which allow poll workers to quickly check in voters at their precinct polling location. Paper poll books could make the voting process slower for Ohio’s largest county. Read more here.

9:00 AM
The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections received a report that some voting machines are down at 22639 Euclid Avenue in Euclid. Board of election officials said there is more than one machine, so voters can use others while one machine is being replaced or repaired.

8:37 AM
With two hours in, 6% of Cuyahoga County voters have voted in person at the polls this morning.

8:30 AM

Voters wait in line outside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

7:50 AM
Long lines form outside the Parkside Administration Building/Board of Education Offices at 24525 Hilliard Blvd in Westlake.

unnamed (1).jpg
Long lines form at the Parkside Administration Building/Board of Education Offices at 24525 Hilliard Blvd.

7:30 AM
Northeast Ohio schools seek approval from voters for more funding. Read more here.

7:15 AM
In suburban polling locations when polls opened at 6:30 a.m., News 5 viewers reported in cities like Mayfield Heights that approximately 500 people were already in line to cast their votes and voting took 90 minutes. In Euclid, long lines formed before doors opened at 6:30 a.m. A long line in Highland Heights moved quickly. At Maple High School, lines wrapped around school buildings ahead of the polls opening at 6:30 a.m. Long lines are also visible throughout the city of Cleveland.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 7.25.52 AM.png
View of Maple Heights polling location.

6:30 AM
Polls are now open across Ohio. Where’s my polling place? What types of ID are and aren’t acceptable to vote? All your answers here.

6:15 AM
Voters have begun to line up at RocketMortgageFieldHouse and the Gunning Rec Center in Cleveland. Polls across the state of Ohio open at 6:30 a.m.

Image from iOS (69).jpg
Lines form at the Gunning Rec Center in Cleveland.

6 AM
Buildings and bridges in Cleveland are lit up in Patriotic colors on Election Day.

Innerbelt Bridge goes red, white and blue.