Ohioans answer call for help at the polls on Election Day in 2 weeks but more needed

Poll Workers
Posted at 5:39 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 20:00:17-04

CLEVELAND — They are the neighbors who guide you through the voting process each Election Day, poll workers. Folks like Alayna Littlejohn who just worked her first election in August.

"I was really anxious I'm going to be honest, I was real anxious," Littlejohn said. "I was kind of like ok is the training going to be enough but the group of people I worked with were so helpful and helped me relax."

She'll be working this election as well and her help is needed. The state is still looking to fill around 10,000 poll worker positions. In Northeast Ohio, only Lake County has met the goal set by the Secretary of State and Lorain County is at 99% of theirs.

"Everywhere else in your viewing area they still need poll workers for sure," LaRose said.

That's especially true in Cuyahoga County where figures just released show them down 1800 from their goal and 840 from the minimum needed to stage the election.

"You know what it's a concern but it's not yet a crisis," LaRose said. "It's something that we're focused on, we'll get there I'm confident that Ohioans will step up."

And the incentives that lured them to do so last year when there was a shortage exist this year as well. Reaching out to veterans with a Second Call to Duty appeal, high school seniors with "Youth at the Booth," Non-profits looking for a way to fundraise, accountants and lawyers can use their work for continuing education credits.

Carmen Hall wasn't necessarily lured by any one thing when she signed up to work the presidential election last year. She's just glad she did especially with so much disinformation about elections that out there.

"It's fun because you really get an education on the voting process and how important it is," Hall said.

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