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How to explore the Hidden Gems of Cleveland Heights

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Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 10:35:03-04

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — As News 5 viewers know, the Cleveland area is filled with Hidden Gems. We shared100 of them with you last year. Tucked within our neighborhoods are even more of those gems – the people, experiences, and places that aren’t necessarily on any TripAdvisor lists but make every community worth visiting. In this series, we’re exploring the Hidden Gems found within our neighborhoods, and we’re heading to Cleveland Heights, a city that’s more than just tree-lined residential streets lined with Colonial and Tudor homes.

1.) Cain Park

Cain Park 1.jpg

Cain Park is the perfect venue to go and watch an outdoor concert during the summer. The park features two amphitheaters and an art gallery. It is also home to a three-day arts festival every summer that features local artists. The park is named after Frank C. Cain, who served as mayor of Cleveland Heights for 32 years.

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The park is located at 14591 Superior Road.

2.) The Tavern Company

Tavern Co 1.jpg

The tavern has had many different names since 1991 but one thing that hasn’t changed is the love the community has for it. In 2014, Christ Armington took over and the Tavco was created. The bar has a huge patio that is perfect to enjoy a nice beer during the summer.

Tavern Co 2.jpg

It's is located at 2299 Lee Road.

3.) Coventry PEACE Park

Coventry PEACE Park 4.jpg

The park was created in 1991 after students submitted designs for their dream playground.

Coventry PEACE Park 1.jpg

Since then, kids head to the park during every season of the year, whether it’s to sled down the big hill after a snowstorm or watch a movie during the summer.

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The park is located at 2843 Washington Blvd.

4.) The Haunted House Restaurant

Haunted House Restaurant line Cleveland Heights

This eatery in Cleveland Heights promises a scary good time for its customers. The gourmet menu features dishes named after horror flick characters, and an all-day breakfast component. Despite the scary theme, restaurant is friendly for the whole family and the entire community.

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You can watch more about the unique restaurant in the player below:

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5.) Woodview Hope Garden

Woodview Hope Garden 1.jpg

Volunteers throughout the community man the garden, and the food from the garden is donated to the Heights Emergency Food Center. Residents can rent a garden bed for a low price. It's also part of the Heights Pollinator Path, which is a group of Cleveland Heights residents who share their love of plants with the community.

Woodview Hope Garden 2.jpg

The garden is located at 930 Woodview Road.