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Hale Farm & Village ready to take visitors back in time

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Hale Farm
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 18:24:05-04

BATH, Ohio — If you’re looking for some summer fun, you can take a trip back in time at Hale Farm & Village as it opens up this weekend.

“So Hale Farm & Village is a 90-acre living history museum right here in the heart of the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley,” said Travis Henline, director of Hale farm & village.

Inside Hale Farm, there's a bunch of activities to experience.

“With 34 historic structures we have a historic trades program with black smithing, glass blowing, pottery—all the textile arts like spinning, weaving and drying,” said Heline.

The area is divided into two sections—the farm side and the village side. On the farm side inside a little house, you’ll find Fran Pagliari. Fran has been working on the farm for four seasons sitting in her house waiting for people to come through, and when they do she tells them about living in the early 19th century.

“I do love it. I get to touch all the old things and get to use them, talk about it,” said Pagliari.

Her goal isn’t just to teach visitors, it's to get them to appreciate history just as much as she does.

Not too many steps away from Pagliari are a lot more things, including a farm with animals like oxen and sheep. Then you’ll see the Hale House where wool is made.

The park has much to offer with a little history too.

“Well, our goal is to immerse people in the 19th century so they can learn a little bit more about the Western Reserve in the 19th century, but also to connect them to the bigger stories, those universal stories that we share as Americans in the 19th century,” said Henline.

This weekend is opening weekend and they have a special group that will present an interpretive dance. For more details, click here.