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2 Akron moms making waves in the tech world with babysitting app expanding into pet sitting

Posted at 9:06 AM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 09:09:39-04

Two moms from Akron are making waves in the tech world. Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted started an app in 2016 called Komae. It's a babysitting app that has seen global success. Now, it's expanding into pet sitting. 

The concept is pretty basic, you create a profile, put your kids or pets on there, and invite your friends into the network.

"It's an 'I sit for you, you sit for me mentality,'" said Audrey Wallace.

It's just friends exchanging favors and the app monitors if those favors are returned using a point system.

The app started when Wallace and Husted created a babysitting co-op in their church, and between their small group of friends, they saved $10,000 in one year. The two says they knew they were onto something.

"We just thought we have this calling to give that to more people around the world," said Wallace.

Now, Komae is used in every state and also overseas.

"No more cash, no more wondering if 'When I ask my friend for a favor should I give her a Starbucks gift card? Should I pay her back by watching her kids within the week?" said Husted. "The app takes care of that an removes the friction of favors between friends."