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19-year-old North High School student arrested for having loaded gun in school

Posted at 7:46 AM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 09:08:03-04

AKRON, Ohio — A 19-year-old North High School student was arrested on Tuesday after he was found with a loaded handgun inside the building, according to Capt. Christopher Brewer, of the Akron Police Department.

Tiqcwon Brent, 19, was arrested and charged with carrying concealed weapons, illegal conveyance of a firearm in a school safety zone and tampering with evidence, all of which are felony charges.

An assistant principal and school resource officer found Brent in an empty room in a restricted area. The two officials were searching the school after a rumor circulated that a student had a gun

“As soon as they opened the door, they were confronted by this individual [with the weapon] and he dropped it,” district spokesman Mark Williamson told News 5 media partner, adding that the student did not fire the gun.

Brent was taken into custody without incident.

Akron Public Schools released the following statement:

"Akron Public Schools, its security staff, teachers and Akron police who work in our buildings are vigilant every day working to keep students and staff in all 47 of our schools safe. Yesterday, security staff followed a rumor at the school that led them to the discovery of the student carrying the weapon. We urge all students and parents to communicate with us whenever hearing anything they feel is suspicious or threatening. That kind of information is one of our best deterrents." also said a second student was taken into custody after it's believed he was texting Brent to hide his weapon, according to The 17-year-old student was charged with obstructing with justice.