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Local schools announce Tuesday bus delays after drivers call-off

Akron Public Schools
Posted at 10:04 PM, Dec 06, 2021

AKRON, Ohio — If you have a child that attends Akron Public Schools or Wooster City Schools, their bus may be delayed on Tuesday.

A spokesman for Akron said there will be delays on certain bus routes due to driver shortage.

The district will have to use multiple buses to cover certain routes.

Families of students on the following bus numbers can expect delays:

  • 433 STEM, King CLC.
  • 447 STEM, I PROMISE School.
  • 466 Litchfield CLC, Schumacher CLC.
  • 467 Jennings CLC, Harris-Jackson CLC (main campus.)
  • 569 Litchfield CLC, Findley CLC, I PROMISE School.

Delays are possible on the following routes.

  • 462 Innis CLC, Sam Salem CLC.
  • 495 East CLC, Leggett CLC, I PROMISE School.

The district said if there are any more call-offs by drivers, bus routes will be canceled.
In Wooster, the following routes will be delayed:

  • Bus #4 HS & EW will be 30 minutes late.
  • Bus #35 Kean will be 20 minutes late.
  • Bus #4 Parkview will be 20 minutes late.
  • Bus #30 Cornerstone will be 15 minutes late.