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Canton family seeking answers, accountability in shooting death of 6-year-old

Posted at 10:24 PM, Oct 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 23:29:59-04

CANTON, Ohio — A Canton family has been grieving the death of 6-year-old King Pleasant for the last six weeks after he was shot near his home on Sept. 14.

According to investigators, his accused killer is his 11-year-old next-door neighbor.

King's family said they have received no information from investigators or the Stark County District Attorney’s office and they want to see justice served.

“Nothing could light up a room like his smile,” Cortezz White said of his nephew.

King was a light extinguished before his seventh birthday.

“Just the light of our family,” Diamond Elder said of her son.

According to Canton Police, King was shot in the chest and later died at the hospital in mid-September.

“What I believe in my heart happened is that my nephew was taken senselessly,” Mario Elder said.

The accused shooter lives next door to King's family, but his name is not being released.

Stark County Juvenile Prosecutor Michelle Cordova confirmed to News 5 the child was released on court-ordered home supervision while the case plays out.

“We weren’t even warned or told about the court date that even took place,” Diamond Elder said. “Nobody got in contact with any of us and he was still released.”

Elder said she was stunned to see her son’s alleged killer in their shared driveway days later.

“I didn’t learn that until actually seeing him face to face carrying on like nothing ever happened,” King’s mother said.

King's family said they have been kept in the dark by the Stark County District Attorney’s office along with Canton Police.

“As any parent or any person in the world, if a tragedy happens in your family you would like to know what happened as well,” White said.

Cordova acknowledged the family’s frustration with drawn out court proceedings, but said that due to an ordered competency hearing and a vacancy at the Stark County Medical Examiner’s Office delaying autopsy results, the process is taking longer than usual.

“We kept getting all types of excuses,” Mario Elder said. “Everybody blaming other people.”

King's relatives want to see justice served —and sooner than later.

“It’s sad to say that he’s not here anymore to share him with the world,” White said. “It’s a tragedy, truly.”

The next court hearing regarding this case is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 12.

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