Homeowner: Teen high on LSD broke into home

Posted: 7:36 PM, Feb 01, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-02 05:51:14-05
Body cam shows aftermath of Akron home break-in
Body cam shows aftermath of Akron home break-in
Body cam shows aftermath of Akron home break-in
Body cam shows aftermath of Akron home break-in

Bath Township police said a 16-year-old, who admitted he was high on LSD, broke into an Akron home on Medina Line Road early Saturday morning. The aftermath was caught on an officer’s body camera and shows the teen completely covered in blood.

“I was shocked by the amount of blood,” said Bath Police Chief Michael McNeely.

The teen, who has not been arrested or charged yet because he was hospitalized for his severe injuries, had deep cuts to his face, arms and hands after he punched out a front window at the home with both arms.

In an off-camera interview, the homeowners said the teen even ate the shattered glass before police arrived.

They also said he entered through an unlocked door while they were sleeping, then broke glass items in the living room. That’s when they woke up and called police.

“He goes from ranting, raving, he goes from cursing, he can be cooperative at times, then not cooperative at times, just nonsensical,” added McNeely, describing the teen.

LSD is a hallucinogen, and it is rare, according to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, or BCI. The agency said it investigated an average of three cases per month in Northeast Ohio last year. Compare that to heroin in which the agency examined an average of 135 cases a month in the region.

“This is the first time we’ve heard about LSD for quite a while,” added McNeely. “Everything today is heroin or prescription pills.”

Police found the teen outside the home. He was screaming and repeating phrases.

The Medina County Sheriff could not tell us whether the teen is still in the hospital. spoke to the teen's father who disputes some of the information reported by police. He claims his son broke the window to get help after he was dragged down the street by a car driven by one of his friends. 


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