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Neighborhood Dads continues to grow in Akron

Posted at 11:16 PM, Oct 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 07:04:26-04

A local group of dads in Akron continue to attract participants with their plans to stop violence among teens.

Neighborhood Dad’s is a local group that pairs men with youth who live in the path of danger.

"We've had peace talks, we've had conversations with the youth,” member Stephen Muhamad said. “They're dealing with depression, a lot of mood disorders and substance abuse."

Muhamad said volunteers must have honest conversations with the youth involved in the group.

"First apologize - for not being there, don’t judge them,” said Muhamad. “And ask them, ‘how can we serve you better? what can we do?’"

Dozens gathered in circles as they discussed solutions and pointed out concerns. Some circles held as many women as men. 

"They've been on the front lines for a long time in the absence of their husband, father, and now their sons,” said Muhamad.

"They have opinions and they have their own set of ideas and they don't always wanna listen," said volunteer, Delores Browne-Kaiser. "It’s the culture. it’s what they see, it's what they know, it’s what they repeat. we've got to break the cycle."

Anyone who wants to get involved should contact Akron’s City Council.