Berea telemarketing employees left without paychecks for weeks

Telepex Global Solutions has yet to comment
Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 24, 2017

More than a dozen employees with Telepex Global Solutions in Berea claim they worked several weeks without pay, and are still waiting for paychecks or an explanation.

Former employees like Jessica Spangler said Telepex management kept making promises, but so far have not indicated if, or when, employees will get paid.

"They told us the next week, we're just behind, we'll get your pay, we'll get you guys paid," Spangler said. "They still didn't pay us."

Spangler said she and other employees would make telemarketing calls for the company, trying to sell faster more reliable internet service.

"I don't how anybody can do it.  I don't how people can just scam someone, and not only effect that person, but you're effecting that persons family," she said. 

Samantha Ellison explained some employees are owed more than $1,500, which is critical for workers who are trying to raise young children.

"I paid $700 for a baby-sitter to watch my kids, and that completely screwed us, because I was working to pay for that," said Ellison.

Calls and messages left by News 5 for Telepex Global Solutions were not returned, and an official statement has not been issued. 

News 5 visited the company headquarters during business hours, but no one answered the door.

Two phone lines listed on the Telepex website have been disconnected.

Employee Eric Close said the company has left families in a tough financial situation.

"It's just the principal, how can you do this to someone," he said. "And the fact that they might be doing this to more people."